6 Nov 2013

A Monochrome Coastline

The rest of the pictures will actually be monochrome, I just wanted you to see the colours :)

Shirt – Sportsgirl
Necklace – Diva
Skirt – Urban Outfitters
Shoes – Lipstick
Backpack – Ruby and Kit for Equip

Hi Everyone!
I hope everyone is having a really great week, despite this wacked up weather. For me, this week has been one of USB troubles.. I’ve managed to lose two whole assignments. Who knows this feeling? If you don’t think of a shoe sale, then think of the very opposite of that.

I seriously love the monochrome look at the moment! I’ve never been really into it in the past because black and white has always been associated with classy and sleek style, but B+W is back with a punk edge. Try monochrome with colour pops for a beautifully bold look!

Also, I’m looking for some guest bloggers. Being a guest blogger is so fun, and easy! Pick out an outfit, and take some fun snaps of you wearing it. If you’d like, include some pictures of where you went that day. Write a bit of a message to go with your photos. If you’re stuck on what to say, write a bit about your outfit, where you wore it, where it’s from etc etc. If you are interested, shoot me an email at savvyissavvy@live.com.au :)

Now.. here is a bunch of random facts about me, because I’m in the mood!
  I’ve always been into fashion, thanks to my mum. When I was 2, I had a collection of 22 hats
I really really love cobs organic popcorn
 I’m a Christian wooo
I love creative stuff
One of my biggest blog inspirations is Emma Lucey, from Spin Dizzy Fall
 I’m an only child
I really want to visit Tokyo
8 Christmas is my favourite holiday
9I’m a massive Taylor Swift fan
 I really love Disney. Mike Wazowski is my favourite Disney character ever.
1. My favourite colour is orange
 I’ve got a build a bear. It has a Piglet costume.
. My dream car is a pink cadilac
1 Dystopian Fiction. I luvs it. Divergent is perfect. For the divergents out there, we need a new fandom name. Divergents? Really. I don’t know about you but im feelin’ like an erudite.
1 I can wiggle my ears (only using my hands..)
1 My glasses are real, not the fashion plastic ones haha. I’m actually pretty blind, I’ve had glasses since I was 2.
1 I think gum is really gross.. but I recently bought a bag of gummi feet..
1I’m a shoe size 37
1 Online shopping is my weakness
2 Ive still got Katy Perry’s prism on repeat..

That’s all for now,
Bye lovelies xo

P.S. My Dad did photography for this one. Now I have photos focused in on the segulls and not me.. this is what happens when Dad gets given my camera.. Anyway, enjoy these pictures of seagulls :)