24 Oct 2013

Feels Like The Perfect Night to Dress Up Like Hipsters

Dress - danger field
Shoes - vans
Vest - markets
Belt - dotti
Ring - That Shop
Hello lovelies!
Hope your all well! Seems like forever since I've done a real blog post :( I'm trying to avoid distractions until after my finals are over (10 more days and counting) but I thought I'd do a sneaky little check in. 

I went to a Hipster dress up last saturday night! Hence the Taylor Swift reference. On a side note, it's the one year a anniversary of her album Red! Go Tay! #swiftielyfe 

Anyway, yes. I wore a tomato soup dress. As weird as that is, I totally love it!! It's got that quirky cool feel to it.

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I'm thinking about doing a penpal search...
Bye bye! Cya after final exams!
Savannah xo
P.S. Sorry photos aren't the best, camera died so here's to iPhones! Also, I'm running low on places to take photos in my house..