10 Oct 2013

Savannah In The City

Hat - thrifted
Glasses - Ray Ban / D&G
Shirt - Cotton On
Overalls - Factorie
Shoes - Vans
Watch - Ice
Backpack - Ruby and Kit
Bracelets - Collette

Photography by Wayne Hughes

Photos from the fleet review in Sydney last saturday, me, looking like a tourist. 
Sorry the photos are a little jumbled, I just wanted to point out the strange dragon gave me the box of zumbarons. I thought that was pretty blog-worthy. Incase you don't know what a fleet review is.. dont worry, I don't really know either :) but it sure was a lot of fun. We hung out in the city looking at the collection of old boats and new boats and just lots of boats. Also, we saw the Prince!! Prince Harry! (through binoculars from about a km away..) Overall, it was a real adventure!

This week has been such an wefjkherdfkhbjaeops;ldfkcmwaoesldfkmvodkflhbnsdzz. I'm back at school, as of 2 days ago, and I have 3 weeks until my final exams. Crazy. Today was unbelievably warm, it hit like 37 degrees, it was one of those days I wish I had a pool. 

So between my crazy studying, I've been spending my days on tumblr. Yes, I've joined the mainstream. Check out my tumblr here
Also, I watched the first ever episode of pretty little liars tonight. Oh my goodness gracious golden tumblr pineapples. wow. I can't believe I've only discovered PLL now..
I've also been spending my days reading the latest issue of shop till you drop and extras (the uglies series). #procrastinationstation Who's with me? #ihatefinals

Remember, its almost friday,
Love Savannah xo
P.S. Drop me an email and say hi, I swear I don't bite!