5 Oct 2013

The Humble Jellies/Jelly's

 Shirt - Factorie
Jeans - Just Jeans
Watch - Ice
Shoes - Lipstick

To Jelly or not to Jelly?

Before I start, I am not sure if jellies (the shoes) is a noun or a possesive noun. Should jellies plural be spelt jellies or jelly's? Ha. I'm such a nerd, how about we just go with jellies..

I've spent a considerable amount of my school holidays on the hunt for some metallic sandals, but I couldn't find a pair I liked. I came across these, jellies cross clogs for only $30, I was sold. Jellies are totally on trend right now, I scored a ton of complements walking around in these babies on friday night! One particularly close, your-honesty-wont-offend-me- friend told me jellies were crocs cousin.. interesting way to put it. However, once she saw the cute little heel she lightened up a bit, maybe jellies are crocs distant cousin from New York?

I will admit, my feet were kinda killing by the end of the night, blistered because they were new and sweaty because those shoes are plastic, but all in all, I looooove them! I had a pink pair when I was 2, so it's like my childhood, but classy. Plus, I found a pair of shoes that almost go with literally all my clothes, thats pretty rare for my wardrobe!

The Rest Of The Outfit

I complemented my new jellies with my classic, so-comfortable-they-could-be-pjs denim jeans, and my France shirt. My Dad bought me this shirt, which is pretty amazing, he does not like buying me clothes, or clothes in general.. I wore this to the local yacht club, and I had a French lady tell me the picture wasn't actually from Paris. I don't remember exactly where.. does anyone know?

Oh, and just so you know.. 

I'll tell you the reason you don't always see my face in my photos. I showed my Mum my blog this morning, and she was like whyy no face? Wow. I've mentioned both my parents now, can you tell I live at home? So, I'll tell you. I'm not hiding my face for privacy or anything like that, it's mainly because I'm not a model, so sometimes I try to go all poser and my face ends up like asdfghjkl.. 
Well. How about I leave you with that mental image of me doing a stooopid face.