9 Dec 2014

Wild and Refined

Savannah Wears
Necklace - Collette
Shirt - Sportsgirl
Shorts - Paper Heart

The last week has been a crazy whirlwind of happy and sad moments between finishing up at school, holiday adventures, and a surprise party. Holaaa! I had some super awesome posts planned, and they have kinda gone up the window. They'll be up soon, but first lets have a catch up.

So, my last day of school was on Wednesday. That was really sad for me, saying goodbye to everyone and things. I walked past all the little things, like classrooms, and toilet blocks, thinking how weird it's going to be not seeing the everyday things everyday. It was really nice to reflect on all the memories, and I feel really blessed to have known all the incredible people at my school.

On Thursday, we went to Wet 'N' Wild in Sydney. There were 9 slides, and a few other things around the place. The first slide I braved was possibly the worst slide in the park. I kinda freaked, and didn't attempt the other 2 slides in the 'Adrenaline' section. There were 3 more slides that were more... tame. I rather liked those ones, and spent the day just going on those over and over. The other 3 slides were closed because it was going to storm. It didn't, thank God!

By Friday, I was ready for some retail therapy so we headed to the new H&M in Macquarie Centre. I wore my striped tee, which I love and wear with everything. I paired them with these cute scallop shorts from Paper Heart, and a gold chain necklace. There's few things I love more than black and white with bright colour pops. It combines the order of monochrome with a bit of fun, and nothing says fun quite like red lipstick. 

That brings us to Saturday. Funny story... So I was planning on spending the afternoon relaxing at my friends' house, but it turns out they were planning something a bit mischievous.  My amazing friends had planned me a surprise farewell. It's safe to say I was pretty surprised. Seriously though, I've never been thrown a surprise party before and I had the best time with some really great people. Thanks again guys xx

We spent Sunday in Centennial Park watching Trop Jr. Two very creative individuals I know made the finals for Trop Jr. this year, so we thought we would go and check it out. The day was filled with great films, hot weather followed by a random storm, and deliciously free popcorn from the team at Spotify. Visit the Tropfest channel on Youtube to see the films!

So there's my wild week in all it's glory. I hope you've had a good one! Be sure to check back very soon for more posts, and follow on Bloglovin' so you don't miss a thing.